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Next Evolution Athletics

The time is now. The change is possible. The benefits are immeasurable. We are committed to helping you to push through what you thought you were capable of to reach new levels of fitness.

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Understanding the Importance of Warm-ups, Micro-Workouts and Weak Areas
Have you ever felt like you weren't progressing as fast as you should?  When is the last time you assessed your lifts?  Do you have weak areas that you need to build up? In this article I talk about one method I learned from one of the best in the strength game, to help build up weak and lagging areas and the importance of understanding your weaknesses.  
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How to Become an Efficiency Monster!
Do you have a solid morning routine?  Having a good morning routine will start your day off on the right foot and create a system that will allow you to be more efficient and focused with your time.  Being more effiecient and focused will allow you to be more successful in your personal and professional goals and who doesn't want that?
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How Do You Make a Program More Adaptable?
Have you ever gone through the lows the of training?  When you are working hard but aren't really motivated?  Usually when this happens its time to get creative with your training.  When you're creative, things seem fresh.  Programs that you've done before have a new feel.  You have more fun and work harder!  When you get creative and work harder, you always get results!  Maybe its time you learning how to be innovative, before you become disinterested.
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Are Rest Ratios in Your Program Actually Important?
Have you ever gotten a program and seen your prescribed rest ratio for your training?  Have you ever wondered why you actually had prescribed rest?  What is the purpose?  Rest ratios in training programs are often misunderstood and even ignored.  Understanding the importance of the rest ratios in your program may be the key for you to become more focused on your training and your and give you a better end result!
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What does Next Evolution Athletics Mean?
People always ask, "what does Next Evolution Athletics mean?", What does it stand for?"  For the past several years I've struggled to give them a clear and concise answer.  I still do.  I believe I always will.  The name explains why. What is your Next Evolution?
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About Us.

We are a group of people that have seen firsthand the positive effects that fitness and healthy living can have on a person. Everyone has the potential within them and we're here to encourage you to reach that potential.

Defining Goals.

The first step that we take together is always to learn what your goals are. What do you wish to achieve. Once those are defined it's time to map out a plan for getting you there. Make no mistake, you will need to put the work in to reach your goals, but it is actually fun and the feeling you get from doing the work is like no other.


Coaching sessions are used to put you on track with the physical effort. Each workout is unique, challenging and fits into an overall plan to improve your fitness. The coaches are more than just cheering squads. They teach the movements so that you can perform them safely, and they take a vested interest in your progress.


Nutrition is more than just calories in versus calories out. Essential minerals, vitamins, and all of the food groups must be considered alongside of your goals. This isn't a fad diet. This is a common sense approach to eating that will set you on your way to living healthier and forming the habits that will keep you living healthy long term.


The key to healthy living is balance. Strength, nutrition, and fitness are all essential ingredients, but balancing them with mental calmness, flexibility, and core strength rounds out a person. This centering process reduces injuries, and prepares you for the challenges in life that will try to pull you off the healthy lifestyle track.

What Our Clients Say.

I was fortunate enough to be part of the Barbarian Powerlifting team as a powerlifter myself! I knew for a while before starting that I wanted to powerlift and that the only coach I wanted was Barrett. Because I had had the experience of working with him in a professional capacity I knew his coaching style and his programming style were going to work for me.


Barrett worked up a nutrition plan for me and it was flexible enough to allow some variation in the meals. I had no idea that I needed to eat that much! I never would have known because all of the online stuff was contradictory. The results were real too. I hit some PRs in the following weeks and the workouts went more smoothly every time.


It's so much fun training with Barrett at Trec Fit.


Barrett Donovan

Barrett Donovan

Owner of Next Evolution Athletics

Erin Donovan

Erin Donovan



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Calgary AB

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